June 2016 - We were asked to shoot interviews & cutaways for the Aberdeen segment of Fox News Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland feature on Arria NLG ‪#‎AberdeenVideoProduction‬ ‪#‎ArriaNLG‬ ‪#‎BlackMagicProductionCamera4k‬ ‪#‎Corporate‬ ‪#‎Promotional‬ ‪#‎KathyIreland‬ ‪#‎WorldwideBusiness‬

March 2016 - We are in the process of filming a corporate video for East Kilbride company Glenalmonds Group.  this will include filming 3 companies, IODS, IODS Oil tools, Glenalmonds Technologies, VCL.  Filming will take place over 3-4 days and be lauched on Glenalmonds Group new website.

March 2016 - We have been filming the progression of the Sing Sing Sing choirs every week & putting together a promotional video to promote the concert next year.  the 2016 concert will be held in May.  Filming involves interviews, and rehersal filming along with the concert itself.

September 2015 - Filming commences on our new feature film #GhostsofDarkness.
Ghosts of Darkness stars Michael Koltes, Paul Flannery & Steve Weston.  The filming onsists of 30 days filming at the beautiful location Argour House in Fort William.

August 2015 - All go now we have the green light for Ghosts of Darkness - our new feature film... we will be filming Sept-Oct 2015.  #GhostsofDarkness

July 2015 - Finally the day we have been waiting for 7-7-15 the US release date of our feature film 'The Redwood Massacre' the film has been signed with Redbox & will be coming to an outlet near you very soon : )

July - 2015 - We have finally decieded on a name for our new feature film.  Our new feature length film will be called 'House of Shadows' and principle photography will begin in early August 2015

June - 2015 - Clear Focus Movies have been asked to produce 6 promotional videos for RGU based in Aberdeen.  As part of the Talent Exchange programme, where we will interview business owner & student to get feedback on their time within the programme.

June - 2015 - Clear Focus Movies Ltd have been asked to produce a Promotional Video for Equilizer International a Oil & Gas company based in Aberdeen Scotland.  We will highlight the unique services and tools that Equilizer International provide along with showcasing the facility.  for more info on promotional video in aberdeen go to our website

May 2015 - We have been asked to produce a video promoting XIC's new safety products.  This video will be streaming throughout the Safety Expo on 21 May 2015.  The video is a mix of animation & video footage.  Shot using our Blackmagic production camera, camera tracks & Cinema lenses.

May 2015 - The Redwood Massacre has been screened at Scotland very first Indie Film Expo in Fife.  Although we never won any awards, the film went down well with horror fans.

May 2015 - VSA Golf & dinner will be screening a newly edited version of the Linn Moor Video.  The video will be used as a tool to fundraise & raise vital funds for the Linn Moor School the only school in Aberdeen for children with highly complex learning difficuties such as autism.

April 2015 - The Redwood Massacre gets its offical German realease.  Looking forward to hearing real reviews from real horror fans.

April 2015 - We have just started production on the intro to our new feature film.  So far un-titled.  We are using this intro along with budget, script & visuals to try and incourage investors to back our new film.

April 2015 - We have been asked to come up with a funny intro to the breakneck ball event happening on 8th May 2015.  We have decided to shoot a paradie version of the #EpicStrutt Video.  The video will be starring Breakneck comedies very own Gus Lynburn.

February 2015 - The Redwood Massacre is off to Berlin Film Market!! Good luck Instrum (our sales agent) hopefully get some sales :)

January 2015 - Clear Focus Movies is well underway in development for our next feature film 'The Route of all Evil'. Script is currently being worked on and will have a full 2nd draft finalised later this week & Budget & business plan is being worked on.

January 2015 - Fantastic review for 'The Redwood Massare' from the Horror Society Magazine:

January 2015 - We start our first week back with a promotional video shoot at Subc Engineering.  We were asked to shoot a video to highlight all the facilities & training taken place at the centre.

January 2015 - Clear Focus Movies were asked to shoot talking heads to be part of a wider corporate video.  We used a white screen & filmed staff at LR talking about company values.  We used our Blackmagic Production camera 4k with cinema lenses.

December 2014 - The Redwood Massacre has sold in Germany.  MIG has bought the film & looking  to release around end March 2015!

December 2014 - Clear Focus Movies was asked to produce a parady Christmas music video for Breakneck Comedy based on the coca cola advert 'Holidays are coming'.  We had 1 week to storyboard & produced the video in time for the christmas release date.

December 2014 - Clear Focus Movies ltd produced 2 testamonial videos for V1.  V1 asked us to film 'Aset Management Training Centre' & Aberdeen Council to get feedback on V1 software.

November 2014 - We have been asked to shoot footage at Labtech to enter into a bigger corporate video.  We used dolly track & camera crane along with 4k cinema camera.

October 2014 - Clear Focus Movies have sold 'The Redwood Massacre' to US distributor 'Uncork'd Entertainment', who has aquired the rights to VOD (View on Demand) DVD & Home Video & a small theatrical release.

October 2014 - The Redwood Massacre will feature in the Haddo House Horror experience.  Come along on halloween night to meet the Redwood Killer himself..... if you dare!

October 2014 - Clear Focus Movies head back to VSA's Linn Moor school to film the new build and Elliots story.  This video will be played at the VSA's annual ball in November. 

October 2014 - Clear Focus Movies have filmed this years EReps Forum.  Plan for this video is to bring the brochure alive aswell as recording the events of the day.

October 2014 - The Redwood Massacre has been aquired by US Sales Agent 'Instrum Entertainment' for forgien sales.  Instrum will be taking our film to the American Film Market in November 2014.

October 2014 - The Redwood Massacre feature film has been selected to screen at the Bram Stoker International Film Festival.  This will be taking place at Whitby the home of Bram Stoker & will be screening on Saturday 25th October.

September 2014 - Clear Focus Movies ltd, has upgraded to 4k resolution cameras & now can offer this service to its corporate clients.

September 2014 - Clear Focus Movies ltd, has upgraded to Canon Cine Prime Lenses.  This will enhance all of our film and corporate film videos.  These lenses will be used on our new feature film to be shot this year.

September 2014 - The Redwood Massacre has been selected to play at the Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival in Italy.  The festival will be taking place late october - early November.  This festival is the biggest horror festival in Italy.

September 2014 - The Redwood Massacre has been officially selected for the Puerto Rico Horror Film Festival & will be screening on Nov 1st at 10pm.

September 2014 - David Ryan Keith picks up 'Best Writer', 'Best Director' at the Chicago Horror Film Festival.  The Redwood Massacre wins Best Feature Film also.

September 2014 - We are back at Control Valve Solution to record their open day & put together a mini promotional video of the new control valve tool they have.

August 2014 - Clear Focus Movies have finnished the Year in the life of VSA services video.  We can now cut together a extended version of last years video, this will highlight all the good work that VSA has done over the year.

August 2014 - Clear Focus Movies ltd have been hired by Equilizer International to shoot tool videos showcasing Equilizer Internationals unique tools & high production value.  These videos will be used as tool training videos.

August 2014 - The Redwood Massacre has been officially selected for the Chicago Horror Film Festival 2014 & will be screening on the 24th September at 7pm.

August 2014 - Clear Focus Movies have teamed up with Globalweb to shoot a induction video for the Calmac Ferry company.  We spent 3 days up on the West Coast of Scotland getting some beautiful scenic shots.

July 2014 - The Redwood Massacre has been officially selected to play at the prostegious Sitges International Film Festival in the Brigadoon section.  This is a massive achievement for our little film as Sitges is one of the most worldwide recognised festivals in the Horror Genre.

July 2014 - The Redwood Massacre has been officiallly selected to screen at the Toremolinos Fantastic Film Festival on November 1st at midnight.

July 2014 - clear focus Movies are working closely with Aberdeen Chiropractor to create mini stretch videos, on how to be your best.

July 2014 - clear Focus Movies heads down to York to shoot the NTS promotional video.  We spent 3 days in the yorkshire dales, in the beautiful country side.... alongside working : )

March 2014 - Clear Focus Movies have been aquired by Weatherfords to shoot various tool videos.  These will be used as training tools for other workers in other countries that may not speak english, therefore the video gives a step by step guide on how to build a tool.

Feburary 2014 - Clear Focus Movies Ltd, teamed up with UAC studios to create a induction video for Intertek.  This video will be used at reception for visitors when arriving at the building.

February 2014 - Clear Focus Movies has been asked to follow the building work of one of West Coast Estates building projects.  This will be an ongoing project, which will then turn into a promotional video.

February 2014 - Clear Focus Movies will be shooting at Pinovo & BIS Salamis to film a live demonstaration of a tool being used.

January 2014 - Clear Focus Movies will be producing a 2D graphic animation video for ActivPayroll, this will be used to demonstrate software ActivPayroll has to offer.

January 2014 - Clear Focus Movies will be filming a promtional video at the VSA's Craigton Grove.  This is a service for assisted living & will be used to show councils etc, how funding is used.

October 2013 - Clear Focus Movies are about to start work on some new videos for Weatherfords.  showcasing some new tool technologies.

October 2013 - Clear Focus Movies Limited are now on the final touches of the E-Rep Oil Video.  This video incorporates 3D graphics & lots of tracking shots of Aberdeen.
October 2013 - Clear Focus Movies Limited shoot awards promotional video for 'Talk Talk's Digital Heroes Awards 2013.  We spent a rainy day up in Wick interviewing Chris Aitken & his students and checking out his winning entries in the 'Apps for Good Competition'.

September 2013 - ​​Production continues on Clear Focus Movies Limited feature film 'The Redwood Massacre'  We are now on day 15 of 40.  Footage is looking great so far.  For more info check out the facebook page -

September 2013 - ​​Offshore Europe 2013 is now over for another 2 years.  We were filming with the guys at Control Valve Solutions CVS.  The new video is to show the progress made by CVS between OE2011 & OE2013.  You can check out the new video on our Youtube Channel -

August 2013 - ​​Clear Focus Movies short film 'Dead Reel' won best horror at the 'Deep Fried Film Festival 2013.  Not bad for a camera test.

​​​August 2013 - Clear Focus Movies Limited have been busy preparing for the Offshore Europe Event that happens in Aberdeen every 2 years.  So far we have 5 videos playing there, including, Evoke IT, Weatherfords, Befriend a Child, Lochters & Control Valve Solutions.

August 2013 - Work commences with John Bell Pipeline to produce a video to showcase JB Pipelines facilities & services.  This will incorporate our first 3D introduction.  I have to say it looks fantastic, so watch this space!​​

July - 2013 - Clear Focus Movies has been hire to shoot interviews at Weatherfords using the RED Epic.
May 2013 - We start work with Control Valve Solutions to deliver & produce their first promotional video.  Control Valve Solutions have grown very quickly in the last 4 years and achieved many accreditations.  This is something they wanted to get across in there video alongside facilities & services. ​​

​​April 2013 - Development is almost complete for the new feature.  We are aiming to start production in mid June 2013.  Currently on the lookout for female actors to fill 2 main roles.

​​March 2013 - We have just finished scouting locations for our next feature film.  We are going to shoot this on a minuscule budget of £1000.  'Torn' is about an Apololypse Scotland, will the human race will survive after the breakdown of society & without morals.
​​February 2013 - Clear Focus Movies has been approached by the Canadian Discovery Channel to shoot the worlds strongest beer 'Armageddon' the brewery 'Brewmeister'  is based here in Aberdeen.

​​January 2013 - Clear Focus Movies continues to work alongside Aberdeen Charities and start work with VSA on a number of videos to showcase their vast facilities & services. 

December 2012 - Clear Focus Movies has sold 'Attack of the Herbals' to distributors in Germany & in France.  Looking forward to hearing the film with a German Dub.​​

November 2012 - Clear Focus Movies will be producing graphics & DVD authoring for Cambodian Production company Hanuman Films.  Hanuman Film produced the the Cambodian leg of Tomb Raider.​​

​​October 2012 - Clear Focus Movies have donated a promotional video the E-Rep Forum.   The major UKCS Operators now agree that a Cross Industry E-Reps Forum is needed to raise awareness of the role throughout the Oil & Gas industry.

September 2012 - Clear Focus Movies Limited will be providing 'Ramco Oil Services' with a visitor induction video.

September 2012 - Clear Focus Movies Limited are working together with 'The Missing Sock Public Relations & Marketing'  Stay Tuned!

​​​September 2012 - Last minute Events Video at the Pitlochary Highland Games.  A great day to shoot, the sun was shining, got some great footage.

August 2012 - Exciting Investor News, for our next Feature Film 'The Red Wood Massacre'  we have now had approved our SEED EIS Assurance from HMRC.  This means 50% income tax relief for investors plus lots of other goodies.  For more information on becoming an Executive Producer and investing in 'The Red Wood Massacre' please get in touch.

'The Red Wood Massacre' will be Clear Focus Movies Limited 2nd Feature Film.  Its going to be a gore fest, Its going to be a feature length version of director David Ryan Keith's short film 'Dead Funny', to check out Dead Funny click here!

August 2012 - Off to shoot a music video for a new Scottish Anthem​​​ at the Highland Games tomorrow.  We will also be filming an Events Video at the same games!  Good Planning! : )

August 2012 - ​'MTI Home Video' is set to release 'Attack for the Herbals' on September 4th 2012.

August 2012 - Clear Focus Movies Limited, display new corporate / promotional video, cut together by our highly trained Avid Video Editor.​  Video Productions include 'Befriend a Child' Pr​omotional Video, 'Imcore' Information Video, 'The Warehouse Health Club' Advertisement Video & and example of2D Graphics.  To view video click here!

August 2012 - Clear Focus Movies secures its first 12 month fixed price contract.  For more details on how this works, please get in touch above.

July 2012 - Clear Focus Movies are offering Aberdeen Companies fixed price 12 month contracts.  Agree on a number of Video Productions you need over 12 months and get great savings.  Works well for larger industries such as Charities, Oil & Gas, Construction, Shipping Agents, Marketing Etc.

July 2012 - We start production with 'The Warehouse Health Club'.

​​May 2012 - ​Clear Focus Movies has started development for our next feature film 'The Redwood Massacre' ​

May 2012 - ​Feature Film 'Attack of the Herbals' has just sold to the USA based distribution company MTI Home Video, with the intent to release by Autumn 2012.

March 2012 - ​Clear Focus Movies Limited is invited to Pinewood Studio's to meet with Executive Producers regarding the next feature film production.

​December 2011 - ​Clear Focus starts work on Environmental Video for 'Imcore'. Clear Focus will produce a fifteen minute information video highlighting the effects of climate change in the Aberdeenshire area.

November 2011 - ​London based 'Showbox Media Ltd' purchase 'Attack of the Herbals' for UK distribution. The film will be released on 21st June 2012.

November 2011 - Feature film 'Attack of the Herbals' has it's world premiere at the 'American Film Market' in L.A.

​​October 2011 - ​Camera's roll for charity company 'Befriend a child'. Clear Focus will document a year of activities and events held by the local Aberdeen charity, which will be produced into a short promotional video.

September 2011 - ​Clear Focus films family interviews for Personnel serving in Afganistan.

June 2011 - Clear Focus is hired to photograph a stage by stage completion of some offshore accommodation for Glasgow based 'Tubular Modular

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