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Camelot Entertainment Group have closed a deal with UK’s Showbox Media Group Limited for a trio of titles 'A Warrior’s Heart', 'Attack of the Herbals' and 'Norman', is due to be released UK wide on 25th June 2012 - Available from all UK retail stores.

American distributor 'MTI Home Video's have signed up Attack of the Herbals at the Cannes Film Market, release date of 4 Sept 12' for View on Demand American Cable & 1st Jan 13' for DVD release.

Currently in negotiations with a Germany and Scandinavia.


"Attack of the Herbals" is an "Evil Dead”/”Shaun of the Dead” style horror comedy, independently produced and shot in the North East of Scotland.

Jackson McGregor returns to the tiny fishing village of “Lobster Cove” only to find that a local land baron Bennett Campbell is taking over with a new development. The only thing that stands in Bennett’s way is Jackson’s grandparent's post office.

Jackson’s life is soon turned upside down when he and a childhood friend discover a mysterious, unmarked crate, washed ashore with a strange substance that happens to make rather nice tea.

Armed with a plan to save the post office, the two friends embark on a frantic business venture, selling the new strange tea to the local pensioners and fishermen. Seemingly giving them a new lease of life.

The money rolls in and the tea starts to run out. The two friends get so carried away with their new found success that they fail to notice the strange things that have started occurring in Lobster Cove.

With the help of a local German priest they discover that the contents of the crate are actually part of a World War Two Nazi experiment. Things get drastically worse when land baron also gets addicted to the tea with deadly consequences
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Written by: 
David Ryan Keith, Alistair Cook & Liam Matheson
Directed by:  David Ryan Keith
Produced by:  Lorraine Keith
Production by:  Clear Focus Movies Limited
Music by: Leah Kardos

Sales Agent:  Camelot Entertainment

Genre:  Horror/Comedy

Status:  Complete
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